Jacquard fabrics have very large, large-format patterns, one or multi-colored. They are produced on looms equipped with the Jacquard mechanism, invented in 1805. It consists in controlling the warp yarns using perforated cards. Jacquard fabrics are available in several versions. We distinguish single and multilayer jacquards. Individuals are divided into monochromatic (warp and weft are of the same color, the pattern is visible due to different refraction of light, example: Damask), multi-colored (warp and weft are of different color, the color of individual elements is the resultant of two-colored threads), multithreaded (warp is in one color, the thread consists of threads in different colors), multi-seed (single-colored thread on the matrix in different colors). Multilayers create the most color-rich and textured jacquards. A separate category is Brocades - these are fabrics used for the production of gold or silver thread. Currently very rare, mainly in liturgical vestments.

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