We have been operating on the Polish textile market for a decade. Experience and extensive knowledge of the industry specifics allows us to tailor our offer to the needs of our clients. We place great emphasis on the development of the company. We constantly examine the needs of our clients, thanks to which we are able to update our range on an ongoing basis. We have significantly developed the import, which allowed us to offer you an extended offer while maintaining attractive prices.
In addition, we have initiated a number of organizational and marketing changes to better connect our offer to regular and potential customers.
We are constantly developing our online store. The demand analysis showed that only a dedicated solution is able to fully meet the needs of our clients.

Retail sales

Retail, from the beginning, has been the main pillar of our company's operations. We are aware that you often need a small amount of material. To meet this type of demand, we offer the possibility of buying from half a meter. We cut the material to 10 cm, which means that we are able to offer the client exactly as much as he needs.


In our store we offer retail sale, while all interested in shopping in wholesale quantities, please contact us by email or phone. We care about the best possible relations with our clients, which is why we strive to be flexible and open to individual price fixing.

International sales

At the moment, we are opening to foreign sales. We address our offer to all European countries.

We hope that you will share your comments and ideas regarding the operation of this store.